Instruction Manual

Assembly instructions:

To use the Pro Power Winder (Fishing Line Winder) You will have to assemble the bulk spool assembly before use.

  1. Line up assemble to the 2 rods (see below).
  2. Tighten allen screws very tight using a standard 3/16” allen wrench.

Setup Instructions:

  1. After removing packaging and completing assembly you will need to place the Pro Power Winder on a strong level work surface such as a table or bench.
  2. Place the foot pedal on the floor flatly. The foot pedal should be in an area only accessible to the operator to prevent any accidental activation of the machine.
  3. Make sure that the machine is switched in the off position and plug the machine into a 115 volt grounded electrical outlet directly.
  4. You are now ready to use the machine.

Placing Bulk Spool On The Machine:

  1. Make sure that machine switch is placed in the off position.
  2. Remove digital line counter by sliding the counter up the guide and off the machine.
  3. Remove the locking assembly by pressing the release pin as shown.
  4. Place the spool of line on the spool shaft against the spool flange.
  5. Replace the locking assembly and tighten so that the bulk spool is firmly and flatly seated against the spool flange as shown.
  6. Replace digital line counter.
  7. Reset counter by pushing the gray button.
  8. The Pro Power Winder will accept most 5lb. spools.

Installing Line on Conventional Reels

  1. Insert the “T-Bar” into machine.
  2. Place reel on reel clamp centering the reel so that the center of the “T-Bar” is in the center of the conventional reel shaft.
  3. Slide reel hold downs over the reel base.
  4. Tighten reel holders as shown below. Take care not to over tighten reel clamps. Over tightening can result in damage to your reel.
  5. Double check alignment of the reel and make sure reel is held tightly under the reel clamps.
  6. Set the direction of the machine (forward or reverse) depending on your reel.
  7. Until you get comfortable using the Pro Power Winder it is recommended to start out in low speed.
  8. Slowly depress the pedal to start operation of the winding process making sure that your reel is properly aligned.
  9. Center bulk spool of line with the center of your reel.
  10. Tie line from your bulk spool directly to your reel spool.
  11. Clear your digital line meter by pressing the reset button and you are ready to start winding line.

Using Line Tensioning Or Braking Device

Your Pro Power Winder comes with a completely redesigned line tensioner. This new tensioner can produce extreme amounts of tension. Never apply so much tension that the machine stalls. This will result in damage to the motor or motor controller thus voiding your warranty. To use the tensioner simply screw the tension knob clockwise to increase tension or counter clockwise to decrease tension. See picture below.

Installing Line on Spinning Reels

  1. Place line stripper/spinning spool support shaft in reel clamp assembly as shown below.
  2. Remove “Tee-Bar” and replace with line stripper assembly as shown below.
  3. Depending on the size of the spool you may need to use the center adapter.
  4. Align the line stripper/spinning spool support shaft with the center of the spinning reel spool.
  5. Make sure that the spinning reel spool is centered and flat against the line stripper and spins concentrically. If the spinning reel spool is not mounted correctly it will wobble or spin out of round.
  6. Line up the center of the bulk spool of line with the center of the spinning reel spool.
  7. Tie line directly to the spinning reel spool.
  8. Make sure that machine is turned on in the proper direction.
  9. Reset your digital line counter and set desired tension as described above.
  10. Start to wind line slowly and gradually increase your speed to you comfort level.
  11. When the spinning reel spool is full cut the line and remove the spinning reel spool.

Stripping Line:

  1. Place line stripper/spinning spool support shaft in reel clamp assembly as shown in previous section.
  2. Remove “Tee-Bar” and replace with line stripper assembly as shown in previous section.
  3. Tie line to the stripper/spinning spool assembly.
  4. You are ready to start stripping line from your reel. It is very important to pay attention to how much line is left on the reel. You must exercise extreme caution when stripping line from reels to avoid having the reel stripped or jerked out of your hand when the end of the line is reached.
  5. Check the direction of the machine and slowly depress foot pedal to activate machine.
  6. When stripping line, make sure that there is little or no tension on the line being stripped off. If line is wound tightly on the line stripper assembly it will become very difficult to remove the old line from the stripper assembly.
  7. To remove old line, simply unscrew the plate off of the stripper/spinning spool assembly and slide the line off the tapered spool.

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